Who's Who on the BTF

Lewis Strumpf (Retired - CHHS)

Lew, our chairperson, has been a trustee of the BTF since July 1, 1983, and is one of the founders of the plan. Lew's term expires in 2018. If you would like more information contact Lew at LStrumpf@Prodigy.Net (845) 526-3240

Suzanne Lewis (PVC)

Sue became a trustee in September 2014, and she is our recording secretary and webmaster for the trust. Her term ends in 2019.


Lisa Dwyer (PVC)

Lisa, our treasurer, was elected to the team in 2006. At the end of each term, she graciously volunteers to continue. Her term expires in 2021.


Ray Ferrara (PVC & CHHS)

Ray serves as archivist and his term expires in 2020.


Jocelyn Fontana (PVC)

Jocelyn is the corresponding secretary of the trust and newsletter editor.She was elected to the team in 2016. Her term expires in 2022.