Clarity and Comfort During Trying Times

You may have questions like these...

  • There's so much paperwork. Where do I begin?
  • Do I need to pay outstanding bills?
  • How should I manage retirement accounts?
  • How should I invest the insurance money?
  • What do I do with the will?
  • Do I need to file probate?

Brought to you by UNUM

    • Life Planning: When a loved one is terminally ill, or passes away, you may need help with the personal, financial and legal decisions that need to be made.
    • As a Unum group life insurance policyholder, support is always available to you.
    • To Speak To A Counselor Call: (800) 346-9188

Life Planning Financial & Legal Resources will be there

with Unum group life coverage, you have automatic access to Life Planning Financial & Legal Resources. This service is provided at no extra cost for policyholders, spouses, and beneficiaries who need help during a terminal illness, or after the loss of a covered policyholder.

User Name: unum

Password: support

Select Family then Death/loss

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