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1-800-422-5142 — Survivor Support In conjunction with your Life Insurance, there is a Survivor Support Program, to which you and/or your beneficiary are entitled. There are two scenarios to this program: 1.If the member dies, the beneficiary receives the survivor benefit. 2.If the member’s spouse dies, the member will receive the survivor benefit. The Program includes the following benefits: One-on-one financial counseling. You can schedule a meeting with a Survivor Support counselor to help identify objectives and priorities. These counselors are selected for their financial planning expertise as well as their sensitivity to, and knowledge of, survivor issues such as: •Do I need to do anything with the will? •Do I have enough money to maintain my current standard of living? •What are the tax implications of my decisions? •How much social security am I eligible for, and for how long? •What other factors should I consider now that I’m alone? A personal financial plan: The counselor will be available by phone for continued assistance for six months after the initial meeting. This access will help develop and implement the strategies needed to help protect resources, preserve current lifestyles and build future security. If you would like additional informational information, please contact one of your Trustees or call the toll-free number listed here.

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UNUM / Long Term Care Insurance Link — If you have a long term care policy or are interested in finding out more about long term care insurance you may want to visit UNUM’s new Website customized for CTA members. Remember that currently the Trust pays the first $100 toward the premium for active teachers each year. *Please note the link to UNUM is not an endorsement, but is for information purposes only. Applicants should apply due diligence in evaluating the policy before enrolling.

UNUM EAP Link — Good News! When you have questions, concern or emotional issues surrounding your personal or work life, you can now get support through UNUM’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Keeping your work and personal life in balance can sometime be tricky. Stressful situations can affect your health, well-being and ability to focus on what’s important. That’s when you can pick up the phone and speak confidentially to a master’s level consultant who can help you or a family member. Call: 1-800-854-1446 or visit the UNUM website.