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Change of Status?  You only have 45 days to inform us!

The Preferred Group  

                (The BTF’s Benefits Administrator)

call 1-800-573-7474 for 

assistance  or click the link:

The Preferred Group Website  to access your account on line, check the status of a claim, etc.

If you have yet to log on, your user name is your first initial followed by your last name followed by the last four digits of your Social Security number. The password when you log in for the first time is Password01. 


Has your child left for college?  You will need to fill out the:

Dependent coverage will end on the earliest of the following events:

1. Your coverage ends;

2. The dependent ceases to be an eligible dependent due to divorce, separation, or death;

3.  Termination of coverage for a post-secondary student not returning to school is the last day of the month of last enrollment (Students transferring to another school have 90 days to re-enroll); 

4. The last day of the month the dependent reaches 25;

5. You stop making any payments required for dependent coverage;

6. The Plan is changed to terminate coverage for all dependents.

Leave of Absence

Any member of the Trust granted a leave of absence by the Board of Education after at least one year of continuous membership in the Trust, may maintain his/her membership through direct personal payment to the Trust.  Payment will be required in full within 30 days of last day worked and will be equal to the amount that would have been due from the Board of Education.  In the event payment is not received within 30 days, membership will be terminated.  If membership is not maintained, the member, upon return, will be subject to all rules affecting new members.  The Trust will provide this service for a teacher on leave for a maximum of two years, unless extended by a vote of the Trustees.

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Did you know...
          Those who are NYSUT members have a multitude of additional benefits through NYSUT-Member Benefits  NYSUT Member Benefits

Most of the plans can be individually purchased or as a group plan.  If you find a plan that you believe would be beneficial to our membership, please contact one of the trustees.  We are always open to looking at new benefits.  


  • Family Coverage
    Are you thinking about family coverage?  You must fill out the sign up form and send it to Lisa Dwyer at PVC.
    Posted Jan 28, 2018, 3:22 PM by Sue Lewis
  • Yearly Audit
    Please note that an yearly audit of the financial statements of  Croton Teachers Association Benefit Trust Fund  was prepared and is on file. Any BTF member wishing to review the 2017 audit or has any questions should contact one of the trustees.  
    Posted Apr 1, 2018, 7:12 PM by Sue Lewis
  • "Benefit of the Quarter

    Our Long Term Care Program is a supplemental program, available to members who meet the underwriting requirements, and who pay the necessary premium.  Although most people who require long term care services are elderly, many are actually working-aged adults.  Medical advancements and technological breakthroughs often prolong life, but not always at a full functional level.  Many people wrongly assume that health insurance or government programs will pay these costs. However, individuals and their families often bear the brunt of these expenses.  Moreover, government assistance is available only on a very limited basis, and individuals usually must “spend down” their assets in order to qualify.

    Our Long Term Care plan begins paying benefits directly to the individual after 90 days.  An individual covered under this plan can receive benefits if he or she cannot perform two or more Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence, and feeding) while insured and his or her condition is caused by an injury, sickness or advancing age.  Please see one of your Trustees to learn the cost of this supplemental plan, and to receive an application.
    For more information, e-mail Lew at LStrumpf@Prodigy.Net
    Posted Sep 27, 2016, 12:34 PM by Sue Lewis
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